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​We would like to introduce a new treatment modality for opiate detoxification that is safe, confidential and medically supervised. This is all done on an out-patient basis without the need for hospitalization or inpatient drug rehabilitation. 

With the recent breakthroughs in the medical treatment of opiate addiction, Premier Daytox uses a proprietary medication assisted treatment protocol to help ease the pain and discomfort of opiate withdrawal. Our comfortable four week detox taper protocol allows patients the ability to continue activities of daily living while at the same time helps keep them engaged in therapy with their current Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or counselor.

Our program is designed for highly functioning, motivated individuals who seek one on one care with total confidentiality and without interruption of their daily lives. Detoxification can take place in the comfort and privacy of our office, one of our full service hotels, or the patient’s own home. 

At Premier Daytox we believe that medical detoxification from opiates is only the beginning of the road to recovery.  A solid continuing care plan is the key to success so we will work closely with the patient’s Psychiatrist, Psychologist, or counselor. For patients without an addiction counselor, we will refer them to a qualified counselor in their area.