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Reasons for a Home Detox:

There are a number of reasons to utilize a home detox treatment program for those dependent on alcohol or opiates:

1. Privacy
2. Convenience
3. Control
4. Familiar Surroundings
5. Personal Physician Continuity
6. Continued Business or Professional Access
7. Access to Family or Significant Others
8. Comfort

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At Premier Daytox we believe that opiate detoxification is only the beginning of your road to recovery so we will work closely with your Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Counselor. A solid continuing care plan is the key to success.
Don't have one? We will be glad to refer you to a qualified addiction specialist in your area.

We are also available to provide referrals to out-patient or in-patient treatment programs in your area.

Customized Treatment Options To Meet Your Every Need

Premier Daytox offers a full line of customized out-patient opiate detoxification services to meet your every need. Here are just a few levels of treatment that we provide.

  • Executive: Opiate detoxification in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Corporate: Opiate detoxification in the comfort and privacy of one of our preferred full service hotels.
  • Office: Opiate detoxification in the comfort and privacy of our office.

Advantages of Premium Daytox

 Clients find the anonymity of in-office or in-home detox an attractive alternative to hospital or inpatient drug rehab. Studies show that clients seek treatment earlier with in-home detox rather than with inpatient treatment.

Women who do not want to leave their families and enter an inpatient detox often seek in-home detox.

Clients who work and can't afford to miss work for 14 - 28 days can now take a long weekend off and be detoxed without co-workers wondering where they were. It saves lost time and wages from missed work and you can still attend counseling or AA/NA after work hours.

It is proven to be much safer and more cost effective than Ultra-rapid detox that requires hospitalization and general anesthesia.

Premium Daytox is strictly confidential. We do not utilize your insurance company and you shouldn't because a medical record of treatment for a substance abuse problem can negatively impact your ability to obtain health or life insurance in the future. It can also impact future employment where prospective employers may be able to obtain medical histories on prospective employees. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and cashiers checks. Low interest financing is available. 

How Do I Get Started?

All it takes is a toll free phone call to begin your road to recovery. There will be a free telephone consultation to screen the client prior to acceptance and to explain the program in detail. If accepted you will be scheduled for an appointment with our physician for medical clearance. Once you are medically cleared you can schedule your detox to meet your needs. Most clients are ready to return to work and daily activities in as little as two days after the start of your detox. Our staff is available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help guide you through your detoxification. So what are you waiting for, call now and get your life back from opiate dependence. 

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